projet time TIME dans le quartier de Trinitat Nova, Barcelone

TIME in the neighborhood of Trinitat Nova, Barcelona


TIME is a community and exhibition project carried out by B-murals and Pla de Barris in the neighborhood of Trinitat Nova, Barcelona. TIME aims to rethink the concepts of muralism, identity, and heritage preservation through the creation of a large-scale mural designed for and by the residents of the neighborhood.

The artwork, created by muralist Franco Fasoli on Aiguablava Street, is the result of collaborative work between the neighborhood residents, the artist himself, and the Catalonia Higher School of Restoration and Conservation of Cultural Heritage (Escuela Superior de Restauración y Conservación de Bienes Culturales de Cataluña).

Talkartive participated in the project by creating an immersive sound creation, the sound mural of La Trini, presented during the Time Nova exhibition as a binaural piece, and in front of the artwork through a stereo installation.

Sound Mural of La Trini (To be listened to with headphones)



An immersive walk through the neighborhood of Trinitat Nova. Its residents share their stories, opinions, and dreams. A sound mural that reflects a strong, proud, and beautiful neighborhood identity. A production by Talkartive created for the Time Nova exhibition at Casal de Barri ‘SomLaPera’ in Trinitat Nova.


*The Time Nova exhibition is part of the TIME project.

Music: Enrique Santiago


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B-MURALS Centre d’Art Urbain présente TIME

Identity, muralism, and preservation in the Trinitat Nova neighborhood. TIME in Trinitat Nova is an extension of the Nova project, a tool for the social transformation of art in the neighborhood of Trinitat Nova promoted by Pla de Barris and Difusor/B-Murals in recent years.


Time a la trinitat nova

TIME à la Trinitat Nova

TIME is a community and exhibition project that reflects on the longevity of mural art and the representation of the identity of the Trinitat Nova neighborhood.



projet time TIME dans le quartier de Trinitat Nova, Barcelone

Podcast Fresco Sonoro de la Trini – Talkartive

The podcast created and produced by the Talkartive collective was one of the key elements of the exhibition created as part of the TIME project at the Trinitat Nova neighborhood center. The podcast consisted of a collection of neighborhood sound recordings and residents’ statements, which ultimately resulted in a sound collage.