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For the second consecutive year, Talkartive had the opportunity to accompany Vulnus in “Entrevides”, the company’s second creative process implemented at La Sagrera as part of its residency at the La Nau Ivanow creation factory.

As part of the presentation of this process that took place on November 26, 2022, four landscapes were featured, showcasing what the protagonists think about life, encompassing lived experiences and philosophical reflections, in a tense interplay between vulnerability and dignity.

The result is simultaneously sincere, moving, hilarious, and sad. An intimate relationship is formed between the actors and the audience, who willingly engage in the game and ponder the same questions that guided the creative process: What is life? What is a life of dignity? Are all lives equal? What are those catastrophes that we all experience, which suddenly transform our lives forever?

Talkartive’s contribution to this adventure was to create the audio counterpart for each of the scenographed landscapes: four 3D sound capsules that took place at the end of the scenes performed by the protagonists. Like a mirror effect between two worlds: the world of artistic action on stage and the world beyond, in darkness, where the confessions of the protagonists seated among the spectators intertwine with immersive soundscapes.

To compose these sound collages, the Talkartive team, armed with microphones, questions, and benevolent curiosity, followed the neighbors, the actors, as well as those involved in developing the Vulnus method, who are usually in the shadow of artistic performances. They all expressed their involvement in the creative process, their insights into the Vulnus method, its functioning, and its power. Thirteen hours of interviews formed a corpus from which four sound collages were born, serving as archives for the future artistic creations of La Sagrera.

Talkartive thoroughly enjoyed both the process and the performance. Today, the team gladly feels connected to Vulnus and loves life.

Thank you…

Episodes to listen to with headphones:

3 1 Talkartive
1-  Behind the scenes of “Veure Creixer”
Protagonists: Anna and Dolors Vulnus
Coordination: Asun and Thomas

4 1 Talkartive
2- Behind the scenes of “La Linea del Tiempo”
Protagonists: Bia, Marga, and Nati Vulnus
Coordination: Dianelis and Silvia

1 1 Talkartive
3- Behind the scenes of “Un Joc de la Vida”
Protagonists: Lluis and Alba Vulnus
Coordination: Asun and Silvia

2 1 Talkartive
4- Behind the scenes of “Dol Autorizat”
Protagonists: Carme and Diana Vulnus
Coordination: Thomas

Project management: Carlos Cedeño
Creation and editing: Stéphanie Peichert
Talkartive team who took part in the project:
Carlos Cedeño, Alba Iglesias Patino, Valérie Haas, Céline Peichert, Stéphanie Peichert.