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Enactiu is an artistic and civic participation project focusing on the visibility of older people living in the Sant Andreu district of Barcelona. It encourages a positive and active attitude towards this stage of life. The project consists of a mural painting combined with a photographic and sound installation, based on participatory work and field research.

During the month of November, the EnActiu! team got to know various elderly people in the district (aged 68 to 97), to find out about their daily lives, their opinions, their stories and their concerns.

These encounters have resulted in 12 life stories that have served as inspiration for the creation of a large-scale mural in public space, as well as an exhibition installation. The photographic exhibition by Laura Abad consists of a series of portraits in which the protagonists interact with the viewer, leaving clues about their favorite activities. These portraits are accompanied by sound creations produced by Talkartive and can be accessed through a set of QR codes. They invite us to discover the daily lives of each of the encountered protagonists, whether they are exploring the neighborhood, walking along the river, playing the piano, engaging in theater, creating an urban garden, enjoying a coffee while smoking, writing a book, or practicing painting.

Mohamed el Ghacham was commissioned to create the mural that concludes the project, combining the beauty of nostalgia with the intimacy of everyday gestures. The artist presents a work that references a festive and joyful scene, full of movement, and portrays the radiant faces of friends who are savoring the present moment.

ENACTIU! is a project supported by the district of Sant Andreu, co-conceived and co-produced by B-Murals Centre d’Art and Rebobinart.

Episodes to listen with headphones:

BIENVENIDO 1 Talkartive

Bienvenido “My favourite activities are walking along the river with my wife, gardening and singing.”

LLUIS Talkartive

Lluis “We all accumulate youth and those of us who are already a certain age have a lot of accumulated youth.”

BERTAARCADI 1 Talkartive

Arcadi“We’ve loved each other since we were young, and we still do. We are in love.”

ANTONIO Talkartive

Antonio “Keep on doing things… When I’m not strong enough, I’ll do less, and when I can’t do anything, well, I’ll be pushed!”

CARMINA 1 Talkartive

Carmina “Life goes by in the blink of an eye, and I say that from experience!”

GELES Talkartive

Geles “I don’t feel like I’m retired, I feel like I’m on holiday. I’m still doing things, and that’s that.”

PILI 1 Talkartive

Pilar “It’s something I know how to do and it comes naturally to me. Yes, that’s me… that’s Pili playing the piano!”

ROSA Talkartive

Rosa “Music makes you cry or encourages you”

ROSER 1 Talkartive

Roser “I’m an admirer of the human race, of people.”

ANGEL Talkartive

Angel “I see myself as a mountain guide.”

MANOLITA Talkartive

ManolitaI’m not me in the theatre, I’m a character. I would be ashamed to do certain things in life and in the theatre I let myself go because it’s not me, it’s the character who does them.”

ALEX Talkartive

Alexandro “I’m writing a study on restraint walls. I’m trying to summarise it so that people can see things more clearly.”

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Photo credits: Laura Abad Torrent @santa_lux